PSP - Farman Holding & Bexel

Bexel consulting

PSP-Farman Holding is one of the leading companies in construction and development in the SEE region and the Russian Federation. PSP-Farman Holding is a multinational and multifunctional real estate investment holding engaged in development, design, construction and sale of facilities with 30 years of experience and more than 200 objects completed. Including banks, office spaces, residential buildings, commercial, industrial and sports centers and transport infrastructure, with a total of more than three million square meters.

PSP-Farman Holding is a Swiss based company with offices in Moscow, Kiev, Belgrade, Brussels, Geneva, Trieste and London, and its focus is on the real estate market in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and the United Kingdom.

On each project, PSP–Farman Holding manages the whole process of project implementation with its in- house developed BEXEL (5D) Software, enabling both consolidation and monitoring of all the services and allowing transparency to the customers.

As a member of PSP-Farman Holding, Bexel Consulting is a leading world software company in project management, using BIM model technology. Today, Bexel Consulting operates in more than 35 countries on a global level, with full project management support services provided (


Advanced 3D visualization and ability to handle, analyze and simplify complex project data yield benefits to all project stakeholders;

Improved communication between stakeholders, and conducting detailed analyses of design documentation, ensuring compliance with Employer’s requirements and early elimination of misunderstandings and errors;

Clash detection and design coordination, review of BIM model development with automatic metadata integrity checks;

High quality decisions based on an abundance of precise and timely information provided through customized reporting, progress monitoring and earned value analysis;

Integration of any costs classification and database and intelligent linking with BIM model to develop detailed and precise Bill of Quantities;

BEXEL Manager 4D/5D construction management engines enable intelligent scheduling with resource optimization, construction simulations and cost estimates that is crucial for successful planning, execution and coordination of complex construction tasks, management of subcontractors,
resources, changes and procurement;

Detailed monitoring of construction progress and predictive scenario analysis in case of any delays, enabling development of measures for optimization and mitigation reduction of construction time

Enrichment of as-built models with documentation, drawings, certificates, warranties, maintenance manuals etc. provides the Owner with for operation phase information rich database for the constructed asset;