Moscow school of management Skolkovo

About project

The President and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, as well as prominent international political and economic figures from different countries are members of the Council of Trustees of project SKOLKOVO.

The concept and the project of the campus were designed by an architect David Adjaye, based on Suprematism, the painting by a great Russian artist
Kasimir Malevich.

As a result, SKOLKOVO is considered to be a completely new phenomenon in modern architecture. The construction technologies were well ahead of their time. For example, multistory consoles, more than 15 meters high and rising 30 meters above the main disk without any additional support, might be taken as a proof.


1st km of Skolkovskoye shosse, Odintsovskiy District, Moscow Region

60,000 m2

Commencement of works:
October, 2007

Execution period:
45 months

Type of works:
designing, construction